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About us

Riverside Energy is an Ohio company, licensed and certified by the PUCO as a broker and aggregator.  

President, Sherri Loscko, has over 30 years of experience in the electric rate industry.  Upon graduating from OSU in 1980 with a degree in Mathematics, she started her career as an electric Rate Analyst at American Electric Power. 

In 1989 Sherri and Stan Loscko started providing consulting services to businesses in an effort to help them reduce their electric costs.  They have worked with numerous customers, associations, governmental agencies, and others concerned with the cost of electric service.

Sherri has testified before the PUCO as an expert witness in the area of electric rates. 

With the advent of deregulation, there are now even more choices for consumers.  

Riverside helps educate customers and keeps them informed so they can make the best decisions regarding their energy usage and costs. 

See what Riverside's expertise can do for you!
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